Today, my brother and my aunt got to give out the third annual Camilla Rowe Memorial Scholarship. I wish I could have been there to see it, but I'm so glad I got to meet the applicants last month. They were all really special, and many had really nice memories of Mom and her legacy as a teacher. This scholarship has meant a great deal to us. Soon, there will be a website where you can learn more about the scholarship and donate. It just feels so right to do this, to honor her in this way. I hope in some small way, a bit of Mom goes with these kids as they move forward. We hope that the messages of peace and justice, artistic beauty, and learning social responsibility through history that drove her teaching career will reverberate in this award. Happy Mother's Day, indeed!



I don't think there is a more beautiful way for Camilla's children to "rise up and call her blessed" than by what you're doing. She must assuredly be smiling down on you.
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 05.15.07 - 12:23 pm | #

Thank you so much, Cathy. That is beautiful.
a | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 3:01 pm | #

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