I've been busy busy like a lil' busybee. I think my new headshots are starting to work, as I have two auditions this week. The pics will all be posted here soon (I need to redesign), but you can get a glimpse of them at my nowcasting page.

This was a weekend of parties and other people cooking for us for once. We had some GREAT meals, with Chuck's parents here and Bryan's birthday and more Chuck-related family gatherings. We also got to see a stage production of Mr. Punch, which was really well-intentioned and beautifully designed but ultimately disappointingly fractured.

I reached a certain mountain peak in my acting class on Saturday that I'm a bit proud of. And then I managed to slide, nay, toboggan right back down the other side. But that's the nature of learning and growth, I suppose. Peaks and valleys. It's all so very worth it because I am moving, and that's what matters. I love what I'm doing so much. I am feeling especially inspired and creative lately, so much so that I'm having all kinds of ideas at once and not sure where to prioritize and direct the energy.

Here is a pretty amazing collection of photographs of Griffith Park after the fire. Sad, moon-like, and somewhat post-apocalyptic.


Love the new pictures!
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