Embarassing and Glorious Things We've Been Watching

Sometimes you have to dig in to your past to see what shaped your present. I just wanted to quickly share two recently resurrected TV shows on DVD that we've been taking in.

Beauty and the Beast, Season One. Ohhhh, baby. I sort of hyperventilated when I saw this had come out. I was also very nervous. I loved this frickin show as a kid. It hit me right at my 13-year-old geeky zenith, teaching me the poetry of Rilke and Shakepeare's Sonnets and the emotional complexities of bestiality. Oh wait. Well, apparently the first go around I didn't notice that part. I used to listen to the soundtrack of this show (with Ron Perlman reading selected poetry) until I literally wore the tape out. I remember the day I found out what Ron Perlman looked like without the makeup. That was a sad, twisted day. Watching it now is an exercise in horror, embarassment, guilt, and pure love. It's so awesome. The production is way shoddier than I remembered it, and the plot is often just insane. And the clothes! Wowee, the clothes. Some of the biggest shoulder pads ever seen. The late 80s really offered some of the most unflattering silhouettes ever perpetrated on females (let this show be a cautionary tale to those young'uns of you thinking of purchasing some of these clothes popping up in stores right now). All that aside, it's sort of cheeky, magical, and amazing that this hour-long Anima/Animus metaphor somehow manages to work. Season 2 already comes out in July!

Twin Peaks, Season Two
. If you don't know what you're looking at, find out, and find out now. It's not really fair to say I've been watching this for the first time in a long time. I mean, this never went away for me. We re-watch Twin Peaks the way one revisits their favorite book. But here it is, finally, in a format that isn't fuzzy and degenerating like our old EP tapes. Season One is out of print, and the pilot was never released in America, but fear not! The rumor is this winter there will be a Complete Mystery boxed set released that will include everything (not sure about Fire Walk With Me). If you allow it, this show can change your life.

Come to think of it, both shows are studies on shadow and light, damsels and monsters, innocence and experience. The difference is that one happens to involve a lion man who lives in a tunnel under Central Park, and the other is the greatest thing ever broadcast on TV ever ever (with the exception maybe of this).


needless to say, you have a hearty 'hear, hear' from me re: twin peaks.
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