Big Bear, Memorial Day Weekend
Some Pictures

We went horseback riding. David becomes just beautiful around horses. Gentle, serene, childlike. I think you can see that here.

My horse's name was Didi and she was sweet. David's horse's name was Marshall. He kept bugging Didi until she almost kicked him. I look sort of insane here. This ride was really nice but the guides never let us take the horses over a snail's pace. I guess it's understandable considering they have to cart around tourists all day, though.

I don't know what a Faries is but apparently it's inside.

Scary babies. *shudder*

Our amazing campsite at Hanna Flat. These sites are HUGE. If it hadn't been memorial day weekend and also freezing at night and drought-ridden and the campground filled with extremely noisy jerks, this would have been an ideal place.

Our tent had its own hiding space area. Directly behind us were The Noisiest Jerk Family On Earth. They blabbed loudly and played stupid unidentifiable rock music late into the night, every night.

We were awakened on our first morning by a tyrannical squirrel who was having some sort of insanity fit that we were in his space. He was seriously screaming in tongues at us for a good fifteen minutes. We tried to record it. Eventually he came and dug up a nut that was buried in the ground near our tent. After that, he was quiet.

The firewood they sold us was this really sappy pine and it was horrible and burned too quickly and gave no heat and the smoke made us sick. Did I mention it was freezing? It was only on the third night that we got some rad wood in town that was hot and good. Lesson learned: pine sucks. Rad wood is rad.

I have to wear this big dorky hat now whenever I'm out because my doctor says otherwise I will get skin cancer and my face will melt and stuff. David has labeled my new look Prairie Goth. This is my alter-ego, Morbella Sue.

This is actually a huge stitched together picture of the lake but there's just no way to show it to you properly here. But you get the idea. There's a big ole' lake. Apparently there are big ole' bears somewhere too, but we didn't see any, except on EVERY MAN-MADE OBJECT in the town that could possibly hold a picture or carving of a bear.

Needless to say, we did NOT turn right.

OK OK, so I totally had read about this THING that they have there, that they have a PIRATE SHIP on the lake, so of course I had to surprise David. So we went on a friggin PIRATE SHIP, dude!

But it wasn't just ANY pirate ship, it was the frickin TIME BANDIT, of Terry Gilliam reknown. NOT ONLY THAT, it was the GOONIES ship that sailed away at the end of the movie. Rich stuff! Don't even ask me how they got that boat up there.

Husband on water. Yum.

Anecdote: we were sitting on the ship waiting for the cruise to start when a passenger asked the first mate (a young teeny lil' thing with a voice like you'd imagine coming out of one of the Scary Babies above) about the ship. The first mate said, and I quote, "Well, it used to have those sheet things? Those sheets? Up there from the poles?" The passenger replied, "Uh, do you mean SAILS?" Now come on, seriously, how can you not know the word for sail? YOU WORK ON A BOAT. YOU LIVE AT A LAKE. *boggle*

Our awesome tour guide. She knew everything about everything. Also she sort of dressed like a pirate. She showed us all kinds of filming sites from such awesome movies as Wargames, Friday the 13th, and the best movie EVER, The Parent Trap.

OK, so this was weird, we came around this cove and our tourguide tells us that over here is a cabin that belonged to Mel Blanc (of Looney Tunes fame), who used to do character voices to the ships over a megaphone. Well, out comes Noel Blanc, who is Mel's son and apparently does the voices now, and started giving us Bugs Bunny, Daffy, and Sylvester and all that. It was a wacky coinkydink, seeing as David makes pictures of Looney Tunes all day long at work. We were like, "thanks for the jobs, dude!"

I can just see One-Eyed Willie from here. I mean the Pirate, people. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Well DUH, we had to hog down on s'mores. That's what it's all for, you know. Camping for me is an incredibly elaborate excuse to have a dessert. This was after we got the good wood and were actually able to sit near the fire.

...and then we came home and passed out.

So, there's a whole other pictorial essay to follow from the trip, which will totally blow your minds as it did ours, but it's a whole other ball of wax and I'll have to figure out how to post it right, so it might take a bit longer for that.


Wowee! What a weekend. Horses and pirates and prairie goth. What more could you ask for?
Lisa | 05.31.07 - 8:14 am | #

I personally love the hat. You would fit in so well here with that thing on. I can just see you milkin' the cow, feedin' the chickens, weedin' the gardin, and kneadin' the bread. Morbella Sue can come hep us eny old day.

Glad you had a wonderful time, and I want you to tell David that I love him on the horse, but I still think he looks better on a tractor.
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 9:43 pm | #

What a great adventure to share from my cubicle.

Thank you!!!

ps - the cabinet of babies is terrifying...
Adam | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 8:49 am | #

That was an awesome weekend. I want to go on the pirate ship.
The best part of your story was the guy who didn't know the word for sails.

You couldn't write that in fiction and have anyone believe it, only in reality do people actually defy your lowest expectations.
Don | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 12:17 pm | #

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