A little present from Euterpe to me. This coming month is going to be a bonanza of music new releases for the likes of me. On May 1st we have the release of American Doll Posse by Tori Amos. On May 8th, we've got Volta by Bjork. Rufus Wainright returns on May 15th with Release The Stars, and I've just learned that on June 12th we get a new album by Paula Cole as well. If only Poe was on that list, we'd have a bangin' good party. To come this year as well are Issa (formerly Jane Siberry), Radiohead (hopefully) and an album fantastically titled How Dirty Girls Get Clean by Courtney Love. Good thing I have a huge credit at Amoeba Music right now!

What's especially hard and strange about all this is I generally have a very hard time listening to other peoples' new music, especially when I'm writing (which I'm doing right now). It's really distracting in my head, especially because I'm trying to follow these very quiet, mousy threads of melodies and other music comes tromping in like elephants, squashing everything.

I'm reading a book right now called This Is Your Brain On Music, hoping to find out why I can't just casually listen to something without it utterly screaming through my brain on repeat for days on end (i.e., infernal Amy Winehouse and her song "Rehab" -- please shoot me).

So, what has been happening for the last few years is that I've been quietly stockpiling all the new releases from artists I love/need, and we go on very short dates. Like one song at a time, meet and greet. I remind them I'm still alive, they catch me up on what they've been up to, and we call it a night.

I miss the ability to just consume and consume and consume music, but I find that if I continue to consume then I grow fat with other peoples' ideas and am too weighed down to bring forth my own. So I sit in a lot of silence, listening. I can feel who my musical kindreds are, and I hold them in my heart in a special space, and in those fleeting moments where I am able to receive them, I do.

That being said, I will probably gorge on Tori for a couple of weeks, because as most of you well know, I have absolutely no will power as far as she's concerned.


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