Albuquerque, Last Week

We went to a seder meal at Daniel's church. It was a family activity night to learn more about Passover.
Why is this night different than any other night?
Lil' Nephew LOVED the bitter herbs and salty water.
Other Lil' Nephew prayer shawling it up.
At the retirement party/alumni reunion at UNM. There was a picture and model from the set of Marat/Sade. Certainly the coolest set I've ever worked on.
Denise Schulz and John Malolepsy, on the UNM stage for the last time as professors. That's John's beautiful set.
Sweet, sweet friends. I miss them already.
Susan Pearson with Denise and John.
Byron, Shawn, n' me with Denise.
Which one is the church and which one is the bounce house? YOU decide.
Christina with her adorable children.
So sweet.
She was an American girl.
Daniel reading to Lil' Nephew, who insists on taking books with him everywhere.
The kids at my niece and nephew's school had a special Jogathon and Fun Day and got to have a giant bounce house slide.
Chutes and Ladders

Not pictured: The absolutely AMAZING, talented, fantastic interviewees for the Camilla Rowe Memorial Scholarship. They were just beautiful souls, and I'm so excited for the winner. Can't say more until the prize is announced.


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