Well OF COURSE I ended up going to the audition, friends. It's Adriana, remember? Charlie Brown? Football?

The great thing was, there was no one waiting when I got there, so I was ushered directly in. This meant I had no time to sit there worrying and freaking myself out and losing my breath support because of nerves. I feel I gave a good audition. Better than I have done in a long time. They seemed genuinely appreciative. That makes me genuinely appreciative.

I feel really proud of myself, and relieved. Not because I expect anything, but because I just sucked it up and went. I had a really stupid audition on Sunday, so this one made up for it. The pursuit of acting is an amazing headbutt into one wall after another. I've been avoiding it for quite some time.

The great thing is, I went home and finally finished the lyrics to our first song of the album. Welcome to the world, baby song!


Yay! So very proud of you. *HUG!*
Mimi | 03.09.07 - 6:36 pm | #

You're tremendous and inspiring and if you stop butting your head against things I may never ever start. So go on with your bad self!
tifanie | 03.10.07 - 2:43 pm | #

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