This acting class I'm taking is kicking the crap out of me in all manner of ways. Saturdays (and actually the whole weekend) are pretty much a write-off now, as I'm emotionally and physically exhausted after class. Usually we have a week to recover and start all over again, but some classes have been added, so it's back into the fray tonight. This isn't complaining, by the way. It's just...when some some part of you is being forced to grow so violently and rapidly, it sort of hurts. I remember when my brother was a teenager and going through growth spurts, he would go to McDonald's and eat three Big Macs at a time. Is there a soul equivalent to that? I guess a lot of sleep and a lot of chocolate.

I had the honor of attending Beth's baby shower yesterday (speaking of a lot of chocolate). It was lovely. No silly baby games, just nice conversation and presents and yummy food. She seems so ready to have this baby. Look!

She is so done. Her house isn't ready yet (complete kitchen remodel), however, so hold on there, baby Zoe.

I then got to sit with my sweet Tifanie and dream of the future past on a porch in the twilight. I am awfully lucky to have such friends in my life. I love you.


Your talk changed my life. More than I could have ever known, even at that moment. I thank whatever gods may be for you.
tifanie | 03.18.07 - 9:12 am | #

I had no idea you were a blogger. I am devouring all of your entries right now. I was so glad to have you at this celebration! You are the most beautiful girl in the world!


your paparazzi stalker.
xixi | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 3:31 pm | #

OH and I wanted to say - i love that you noticed NO SILLY BABY GAMES. I hate that shit.
xixi | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 3:31 pm | #

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