I've auditioned for Phantom of the Opera a lot. I mean a lot. Sometimes it goes really well, sometimes just eh, and sometimes awful. Either way, through it all, I've never gotten cast. Among the myriad of possible random or non-random reasons, I've been told it might be because they don't take Christines over 5'7". Whatever. Whatever the reason, it doesn't really matter. I'm starting to get past the age where I can even pretend to audition for this.

I feel Charlie Brown running for the football. It will always, always be pulled away. But I keep going back for more. There is yet another Phantom audition today, this one for the horrible 90 minute tarted-up Vegas production.

It's already noon and I am at work and I haven't prepared and even STILL I might end up showing up to it. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that.

It's those damn childhood dreams. They are clingy. Maybe it's time to put seventeen bullets in this one.


for what it's worth... i completely understand.
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