Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down

GRAH!!! Visits to the dentist are always a nightmare in our family. We've been a bit remiss in going (about 10 months instead of 6) due to loss of insurance and all that paddywhack. Our self-bought dental plan assigned us to a dentist who, when I called, answered himself (no receptionist) and said some VERY strange and discomforting things like, "I don't HAVE a computer," (they lost my appointment twice) and "well I won't SEE you if I'm not going to get paid!" I didn't want to go to him. Now, our coverage ends on February 28th, so I knew we'd better get in there, like it or not.

Unfortunately, ignoring the horror doesn't make it go away. It just prolongs the pain. And pain will be had, my friends. I will refrain from sharing the actual numbers, but hubby and I are in for some financial and dental ass-whuppin once again. You must understand that we are diligent with our tooth care. We are both just cursed. Goodbye, tax return!

Or, we can look at this in another way and be thankful for the tax return which will save our tukuses. Oh MUST I always be positive, Universe? I want to be cranky. OK, OK, I'm thankful. Geez. *spit*

Anyway, I have pictures from a nice weekend to put up. Acting class was wonderful and terrifying and I'm not ready to talk about it yet. I've been zombie-level tired the last few days, like to the level of being unable to lift limbs. Friends are nice and I love being with them and I'm tired, damn you, and my job makes me grumpy. Grah.


The last time I went to the dentist it had been almost 3 years since the previous time. It was a total horror show. I feel your pain...
tifanie | 02.22.07 - 7:35 am | #

Ouch!! I really don't like to go to the dentist, and the longest I went one time was 5 years. I knew I was in for it because I hadn't even been taking care of my teeth. I had zero cavities!!! I only tell you this to let you know that I have come to the conclusion that you should take care of your teeth, but some bodies just are more prone to tooth decay. I've seen it in my four children, too. The one that does the worst job is always told how well he's doing. The ones that work diligently are the ones with the cavities. That son is also never sick. His acidity level is just much, much higher than the girls', and bacteria doesn't grow well in an acidic environment - at least that's what they keep telling us. You'd think I'd be happy, but I can't use any guilty methods to make him eat his veggies since he has good teeth and is never sick. Bummer. Hang in there, and eat your ice cream without guilt knowing there's just nothing you can do about it anyway.
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 02.22.07 - 8:53 pm | #

HAHAHA, it's true, Cathy. Chuck is the same way. He is never sick. Y'all are strong stock.

Yeah, apparently the reason for me is that I have a hiatal hernia which makes the acid come up my throat and burn my teeth away. FUN! I'm not sure what David's deal is but I'm sure it's something similar.
a | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 11:40 am | #

Now, we may be thinking of different things here. To help our sicky child (and this cleared up her tooth decay as well as bladder issues), we started giving double the dose of Vitamin C (water soluble, so it's OK to do this). After a few months, no more tooth decay, no bladder infections, no colds, nothin'. It made a huge difference, and Joshua is my one that is the most diligent about taking his Vit. C. So, maybe that will help you (won't help the hernia situation, though.) I have a great site run by some ladies that have so much knowledge on herbs and things that you might be able to research or ask them if there is anything that would help tooth stuff (or other things ). It is I have learned tons from them as well as from Shonda Parker, at Don't know if those will help as I know you already are doing tons of herbal things in your life - in fact, you should start teaching the rest of us what you've learned with your visits lately. I'm always ready to store that info away for when I need it.
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 02.23.07 - 11:59 am | #

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