A Weekend Of Inspiring Things

What a great weekend. I wish every weekend were this energizing, uplifting, and inspiring.

It started Friday night with a great production of The Bacchae at the Celebration. We then stayed for Whipped, the late night show. It was fun, and really so fun to catch up some of the people I worked with on Splendora.

David has been absolutely on fire making music, and has composed some beautiful pieces. I'm just slipping in myself, trying to make my way to the center of these songs. I've been looking and hoping for the Muse to come, and I think she is beginning to surface. It is so beautiful to watch hubby work, crafting and sculpting and birthing sounds. I am so lucky. Saturday was spent in this manner. That evening, we went to see Dreamgirls, which was just an energetic, breakneck wall of entertainment. These people sing at you as if their lives depended on it, and we couldn't help but be completely bowled over. My favorite part was at the end, whilst watching the credits, David uttered, "Ohhhh...THAT'S Beyonce??" and also, "Ohhhh....this was a Broadway musical?" Such adorable cluelessness.

Sunday was so special. We got to spend the day with Tifanie, soaking in the beauty of the Rothko exhibit at the MOCA. These paintings are ones that have to be experienced physically. They do not translate well to screen or re-prints. They are massive structures, and their colors penetrate and move in ways I cannot begin to describe. Something in my soul connects and relates deeply to this, this simplest of art. They make me cry. For a woman who can't get enough of the Pre-Raphaelites, that's a strange thing.

This one was Tifanie's favorite, but "only the top part." It was a really good plum color. You can't really see it here.

Anyways, we next made our way to the Kodak Theatre, where we got to hear David Lynch speak on Creativity and Consciousness. The dude is amazing. The man has profoundly affected my life in ways that are incalculable. It would be hard to summarize what went down last night. He spoke of meditation, clarity of vision, finding passion in what you do, fearlessness, and so much more. It was part of this event to promote the release of Lynch's new book, and included the singer Donovan who sang his songs of love and war from the 60s.

Thanks, Los Angeles, for doing right by this weekend. Full! I am full up with goodness! Now time to translate to my own life and work.


Thank You. I have caught The Big Fish.
tifanie | 01.23.07 - 6:47 am | #

I was going to go to that David Lynch event! My parents were TM people in the 70s/early 80s. I got to hang with the Maharishi until I was around 5...

See you soon sweetness,

David Tarlow | 01.24.07 - 2:12 pm | #

I remember the first time I saw a Rothko painting, it was like my first or second week in New Jersey and I'd made friends with this girl JUST because she had cool glasses... and she turned out to be a painter and one of my best friends there. She had a Rothko print in her apartment and I remember looking at it and thinking, "that looks so, so sad." I don't really understand how I understand any of it, but it's just really great. I love you!!!
ashley | 01.30.07 - 6:56 am | #

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