Tifanie: The auditions have been varied but overall really good. I am enjoying remembering what this is all like. The nice thing is I have absolutely no nerves about any of it, because I've come to realize how little of it is about me. In fact, David went with me to one at USC and overheard the following conversation between two students casting a film and looking over headshots:

A: "I LOVE that girl! That girl's amazing!I've seen her in a couple student films here. I LOVE her look. I'm not sure how she looks on digital but she's great on film."
B: "Is she a good actor?"
A: *shrug* "I don't remember."

Shawn: I agree, and have subsequently added all of Sister Wendy's rentable DVDs to our Greencine queue.

Ashley: Wild, rabid, deranged horses with bloody metal spears in their hooves trampling over me in rapid succession couldn't make me do that. Ever.


Oh dear. That is so terrible. I hope David is keeping a book of these shallow LA quotes he seems to always be present for...
tifanie | 01.20.07 - 4:52 pm | #


By the way, I received a magical present from the musical fairy in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM INCREDIBLY EXCITED. I don't even know where to begin.

Thank you, truly. From the bottom of my heart. For the music but also for understanding me.
ashley | 01.22.07 - 8:31 pm | #

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