Alright, we have achieved Crock Pot Zen. We've had two successful chili attempts since last week's disasters, and all is right with the world. The accompanying Bread Machine Incident of Aught Seven (bread massive gooey lump, very un-breadlike) was also successfully transformed into something edible (tried different recipe, bread now very yummy). More as this situation develops.

The long weekend was good and never ever long enough. We saw Children Of Men (oh Clive Owen, you saucy minx) and went to the beautiful Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. It is a spiritual, tranquil place to be, especially in the downstairs South Asian ancient art area. Often in an art museum, I get exhausted from the colliding energies of the different works hanging together. This didn't feel that way at all. For $3, we rented the little listening thingies that tell you more about the artwork you are observing. I have no idea why we so rarely think to do this. It is so very helpful. I especially loved this work by Botticelli because of the transparent angel and the very clear way he influenced the Pre Raphaelites. All the other Madonna and Childs are all creepy and flat and grumpy, and then there's Botticelli with one big huggy lovefest. We also saw a movie of Sister Wendy visiting the museum. Her passion for what she was expressing was so overwhelming it made us tear up and love the art she was speaking on all the more.

We also had a lovely night of food and blabber with very pregnant Beth and Allen, ending in a game of Scene It, which we've been itching to play since getting it for Christmas. It's pretty good but I think we're already ready for the expansion pack.

David and I are now what we call Back To School, which means we are in the studio on a regular scheduled basis and at the very tippy top process of writing and recording. I also have two, count 'em, TWO auditions today. Things are on the up and up.


I love Scene It.
Lisa | 01.17.07 - 3:11 pm | #

You guys are MORE flippin' adorable. How'd the auditions go?
tifanie | 01.17.07 - 7:04 pm | #

I had a totally bizarre dream about you auditioning for American Idol. I WAS LIKE OH GOD ADRIANA, NO! NO! DON'T DO IT!
ashley | 01.18.07 - 7:05 am | #

Sister Wendy gleams the cube. I can't stress this enough.
shawn jackson | 01.18.07 - 1:01 pm | #

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