I didn't get called back for that show. I did just ok in the audition. I did make them laugh, though. Beh. This is why I don't like talking about auditions on here.

David has not been called regarding that job at NBC. It's too early to give up hope, but time's marching on here, people. Beh.

Even though we've already given our health insurance a LOAD of money, they are pretending we're not covered. This is annoying. Keep your jobs with insurance, kids. Beh.

Only three shows left. Beh. BUT, the show is on the short list for a GLAAD award, which is really neato. Yay. We had a guy in last night who came all the way from New York and has seen the show three times. We had several repeat viewers last night. How very nice. My Dad was supposed to come this weekend but he canceled his trip due to upper respiratory infection. Beh.

BUT, it's December, and it's actually chilly here, which is really nice. YAY.


Casting agents are blind, deaf and dumb besides the fact that they are closeted actors.
I am so happy for your reviews but beyond that sending you much support for a performance I wish I could have seen. So proud of your courage and can't wait to collaborate again.

Tasha | 12.01.06 - 8:25 pm | #

You already know this, of course, but NEVER take an audition as a verdict about your abilities.

I just edited for the first time (at least, for the first time in a national arena) and even though the final product had 35 items, my introductory essay was killed TWICE by the guy I was answering to and he finally wrote his own, using only one line from me. So, eh, it happens. I know, deep down, that both the essays I submitted rocked. They just didn't convince the one guy that mattered on two separate days[, even though the guy worked side by side with me to get the whole project up in the first place.

I guess that all I'm saying is that we all miss, even when the odds are in our favor (as they were with me) and especially when the odds are against you (as they are in practically any audition). When this kind of thing goes south -- at least if you're at the point I think we're at where you know that you know your craft and what's good and what isn't -- you can only chalk it up as a missed connection. The roughest thing about a creative life is that even when you're objectively good, the whole thing is so subjective that it becomes confusing, to say the least.
Mike M. | Homepage | 12.02.06 - 9:50 pm | #

I. Love. You. Mike.
a | Homepage | 12.02.06 - 11:59 pm | #

Adriana you are an amazing wonderful star. Keep on auditioning....the world needs to see more of you on stage.
Mary | 12.05.06 - 12:53 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Monday, October 08, 2007 3:47:00 PM  

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