I am currently toiling for someone that I could only describe as a complete Hollywood cliche. I wish I could get more into it than that, but them's the brakes. Think Susie from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Our Holiday 2006 recording is now complete and on the conveyor belt (read: David is at home slaving away burning 200 CDs). If you need to update your mailing address with me, please send me an email.

I forgot to mention that the Endless played a show of sorts on Sunday night. It was a benefit for the Celebration Theatre (check our their website newly re-designed by hubby). It was a nice way to round out the last few months with the crew of the Celebration. They are good peeps.

This weekend, we charge down to San Diego to attend the graduation from LAW FREAKIN' SCHOOL of my cousin John. We are very proud. He's going to champion the poor and helpless and stuff like that. Huzzah!

Jane Siberry is giving out her holiday music for free. Download it, it's beautiful stuff.


We received our CD but it had a giganto crack in it! Boo hoo. Dang post office.
Lisa | 12.22.06 - 10:29 am | #

crud. we'll have to send you another one after the holidays. sorry about that!!
a | Homepage | 12.22.06 - 12:47 pm | #

Aww, thanks!
Lisa | 12.22.06 - 6:34 pm | #

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