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I don't think I really need to remind anyone that today is a very important election day. Here in CA, we aren't really worried about losing a senate seat, but there are just a ton of very involved propositions on the ballot that have required a lot of thought and research. A lot of helpful writing is out there on the subject, including LA Weekly's Voter's Guide and Green Girl LA's look at the judges that are up for the courts. If you're confused, these might be able to help. Regardless, it's absolutely essential that we all vote today, and proudly wear our little "I Voted" stickers afterwards, to remind others. Have fun, everyone!


done and done. let's hope for the best..........
shawny | 11.07.06 - 1:12 pm | #

Thanks for the excellent reminder. Lucky are the people who are absentee voters or live in vote-by-mail states, like Oregon and don't have to stand in line at the polling place!
Lisa | 11.07.06 - 2:20 pm | #

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