The show is, I think, going rather nicely. We're finding more and more layers each time we do it, which is exciting. This last weekend saw the arrival of the critics, so our fingers are crossed for nice reviews. It would be nice to have some nicely written niceties given by nice niceys.


Look forward to seeing some good reviews! Hope you post a few! Love!
Ma | 11.07.06 - 7:27 am | #

I am so looking forward to seeing your show this weekend! Love love love to you and I hope to see some good reviews, too!
tifanie | 11.07.06 - 9:34 am | #

Regardless of what any reviewers think of the show, you all are doing a fantastic job! And the fact that Stephen and Peter liked the show means more to me than anything else.
David Tarlow | 11.09.06 - 9:57 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Monday, October 08, 2007 3:43:00 PM  

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