This is my big old head outside the theatre.

I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to relate this in words, but I need to get this down.

Splendora opened on Friday night. Up until the first notes of the clarinet made their plaintive call that night, everything was sort of a blurry bustle to just get things done. There was no sense, really, of how any of it was going to land. We had a preview Thursday that, while nice to have a few people there, was still very much a rehearsal and felt like it. But then, suddenly, Friday, there was electricity in the air. We heard laughter! Wait...make that...LOTS of laughter. This show is funny? Of course! Then boisterous applause. This show merits that kind of applause? I had no idea.

And then, really, there it was. That current. That energy that is almost sparkly in the air, the kind that, if you can shape-shift, can be tapped into and with which you can go almost anywhere. Connection between audience and self and something larger, more intangible.

Victoria and David were there, smiling broadly in the front row. I could feel Mom and my grandmother just eminating out of my sister. They saw through her. They were her. She was glowing. I couldn't look at her but I could feel my sister, bright and beautiful, holding me up.

We came out for our bows to a standing ovation. Shock! Seriously, up until that night I think I had absolutely no sense of how the show was going. I was completely in my head. So to see people enjoy it, it was a revelation. This is what theatre is for. It's not about me. It's about being the cypher. And I swear, I swear, I felt Mom there, in a way I haven't since she left. It hurt and it was beautiful. I feel like I'm carrying on for them, adding my thread to the greater tapestry.

The amazing composer and book writer were there. They were extremely kind, generous, and wonderful people. You'd kind of have to be to make a piece like this. They gave us their approval. We had an after party and it was lovely, all gauzy and sweet in my memory.

Saturday night was the antithesis of Friday night, which is to be expected, but Sunday matinee made up for it, and we got another standing ovation. YAY.

And here I am, back at work, back to this other version of myself who answers phones and writes blogs and feels for all the world like Dawn/Pam (take your pick, BBC or NBC) from The Office, wearing the unassuming mask of Normality. Little do they know. Bwa ha ha.

AND, we've started work on the Holiday Single. I'm really excited about this one. Lips sealed. Also, I finally saw the movie Carrie last night for the first time. It was perty. Awful perty. I really, really liked it.


congratulations sounds so week in the face of such an extraordinary experience. alas, language falls short and i am left with... 'congratulations!'
Byronicwoman | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 7:44 am | #

I would give anything to go. The part about your mom made me cry. I know it is just amazing. Hopefully there will be some kind of photographic documentation for me to peruse later! I love you so much!
ashley | 11.02.06 - 7:54 pm | #

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