Crap. I'm really, really tired. Really tired. The last four nights, on top of getting home late and tired from rehearsal, I have just been physically unable to sleep. Heart pounding, wide awake. I'm getting a little wiggy. Hep me.


I have been having insomnia issues lately, too. Weird.
Lisa | 10.12.06 - 2:18 pm | #

Me, I'm Ativan Girl, this week.

Okay this is wacky, but it *can* work and it has scientific basis: hot, hot bath or dunk in the jacuzzi, then cold, cold shower or walk outside at night. Follow *immediately* (not more than 10 minutes from cold shock to bed) with warm fuzzy jammies, Sleepytime tea, and nightnight.

Much loves.
Pammikins | 10.12.06 - 9:01 pm | #

Try to rest up tonight! Valerian or sleepytime tea helps for me. Also yoga or meditation. Airborne now makes a nighttime fizzy drink which works very well for me and it's got lots of good stuff in it. I'm averaging about 5 hours a night this week...sleep is so important.
David Tarlow | 10.13.06 - 1:54 pm | #

erm... you want i should send along some of my prescription sleep drugs? i bet the us postal service would never cop on...
Byronicwoman | Homepage | 10.13.06 - 7:29 pm | #

Hey, if you need pills, we got lots of them due to the whole perpetual jetlag thing. Or if you want a midnight talk down, I am more than happy to oblige. Queen Elizabeth I called her insomnia ridden evenings "white nights". I think that is a good term for some reason. On nights like those, the only thing stretched before you is a great terrorizing white sheet, with no words written on it... Wugga. Call me if you need.
tifanie | 10.14.06 - 1:53 pm | #

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