Well, first thing's first. I went on this trip, see? And some magical stuff happened. I saw people who inspired me and reminded Who I Am, and that has come to a fruition.

I just got cast as the lead in a musical here. I play Jessica Gatewood in a show called Splendora, which is based on this book. The show is with the Celebration Theatre, and it's the West Coast Premiere of this show. From what I understand, it's been off-Broadway a couple of times. What I've heard of the score is quite lovely. My character is a mysterious Victorian woman who comes to a small Texas town to run the bookmobile. Sounds about right.

It was three hours of callback yesterday to get to this. Honestly, I can only say that this came of the amazing support and strength of heart I was given on this trip home. Thank you to everyone who gave that to me. Your love is an amazing gift.

The most unbelievably frustrating thing has happened, and that is that my hundreds of pictures and movies from the trip ARE ALL GONE due to our camera dying. For some reason it thought it would be funny to delete everything on our both of memory cards. So this is a plea to everyone I saw on this trip: can you PLEASE OH PLEASE send me any and all pictures from the varying reunions?

I'm saddest of all about the amazing picture I had taken of my new best friend, little Isabel. It was one of those pictures that Explained It All, and it's gone gone gone. I totally got pummelled with love by this kid and I wish I could show you how awesome it was.

Anyway, those of you in Albuquerque looking for a night of interesting (and very mature) theatre, please go see Loose Women of Low Character at the SolArts theatre. It's written by a group of women whom I care about deeply.

Rehearsals start tomorrow. No time to think about it, just jump back in to the rushing, icy waters. I hope I remember how to swim.


So very very glad for you! Rock on, darling.
Mimi | 09.10.06 - 3:28 pm | #

You'll swim as well as you ever have, no doubt. Just keep paddling.
Tristen | Homepage | 09.10.06 - 5:10 pm | #

I wholeheartedly endorse this news. I am glad for some reason very glad for it... What is the opposite of a disturbance in the force? That's what I'm feeling.
Damn it, now I'll spend the rest of the day thinking about the opposite of a disturbance... not simply the absence of disturbance, but an equal ripple in the opposing and positive direction. Hmm.
Don | Homepage | 09.11.06 - 1:22 am | #

woot woot!!! congrats!!!
Byronicwoman | Homepage | 09.18.06 - 11:10 am | #

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