Last night I watched A Streetcar Named Desire (the Vivien Leigh/Marlon Brando version) as reference for my show. WOWZA, somehow this film has slipped past me all these years. It was absolutely electric. Vivien Leigh was just tragically and fully Blanche, and after I've read a bit of her life story, it seems she was living the part as well. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be married to Laurence Olivier. As a couple they were often referred to as the World's Greatest Actor and the World's Most Beautiful Woman. This always pained her that she couldn't get the acting cred her husband did. She certainly wolrked hard for it. The DVD displayed that disdain again in the trailers for the re-releases of the film. Even though the show is entirely carried by her, the trailers are all about Brando and "See the film that made Brando a star!" "Watch Brando's electrifying performance!" "Marvel at Brando's rippy muscles!" etc. with nary a mention of Leigh. Amazing.

And just, wow...hearing the words of Williams after all these years was just gut-wrenching. It's amazing when you look at a work of art that you haven't regarded in a while and realize that you have grown and understand it so much better than you did before. Great art is always a mirror, and I love it when I can see how far I've come in its reflection. Favorite quote: "Funerals are pretty compared to death. Funerals are quiet, but deaths not always."

Next up, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. It's a Tennessee fest!


I can't believe you just saw that. Vivien sure had it goin' on. She was pretty much loco in the cabeza and a damn sight more talented than anyone I ever saw her on screen with, Brando and Gable included. Stupid world to put her beneath anyone, Olivier or no.
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