Lack of access to affordable health insurance is an absolute scourge on this nation. Fie on everything. After discovering that our well-meaning but ultimately evil COBRA insurance would cost amost $1,200/month to keep (wtf???), I have spent the last two days in Internet Hell trying to find an plan in time for the 60 day deadline next week (only just got the COBRA forms on Saturday, thanks, guys!!). Didn't know that you have to stay continuously insured else insurance companies can turn you down for whatever any old reason? Did you know they can turn you down anyway? Did you know that 80% of Californians who apply for health insurance get denied?

I'm happily applying for something in which we don't even GET drug benefits, let alone women's reproductive care. Nice, huh. The application, no kidding, asked for the last 20 YEARS of our medical history, literally every doctor visit we've ever had and every little illness we've ever encountered. *boggle*

Hopefully this is temporary. One of us will get a real job soon.

In other news, first read-through was last night. I am again amazed at the level of talent I'm getting to work with. Lucky, lucky, lucky me.


All courtesy of federal regulation of health insurance. Don't worry, it will all work out.
I'm thrilled you are so excited about this production! I doubt I'll be able to make the trip in time to see it, but I'll see what I can do.
Tristen | Homepage | 09.20.06 - 6:59 am | #

You might look into We have several friends that have chosen this route for medical insurance and have been very pleased. Thanks to all the medical lawsuits we will see nothing getting better anytime soon. We were finally able to get a high deductible plan so that we don't have to pay such high premiums. Since we stay healthy, we are thrilled - but having been through what we've been through with Caleb, I must admit I do appreciate insurance. lol

When the show comes to NM, we'll be there.
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 09.20.06 - 10:01 am | #

I'm so excited for your show. Ask Mary and Aaron re: the health insurance thing. I think they found a good policy that is very inexpensive. We had to do Cobra for over 6 months- it is indeed a poisonous snake with fangs. Love and miss you!
tifanie | 09.21.06 - 2:42 am | #

Thank you everyone for your kind help and suggestions and good will. I love you!
a | Homepage | 09.21.06 - 9:36 am | #

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