I'm going to stall for a bit longer on all the life-altering trip details and say thanks to all of you who sent me such kind birthday wishes.

I was very sick yesterday and had to stay home from work.

Very sick.


Belated Happy Birthday!

Forgive me, I'm slow and easily confused.
Mimi | 09.09.06 - 12:54 am | #

i knew it was your b-day, i am just lame, not late. the dapper dans and cruella, huh? i love it. and you are totally pulling a Little Edie Beale in that pic with cruella, which i love even more.

all is full of love indeed!
shawny | 09.09.06 - 4:08 am | #

you can't fool me, shawn, i know exactly where you were on thursday night. you poor, unfortunate soul.
a | Homepage | 09.09.06 - 10:38 am | #

you know me too well.


i was there.

i mean...........damn!!!
shawny | 09.10.06 - 4:40 am | #

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