I just wanted to mention to those of you who might not have gotten the email that there is a great interview up with us at GoGirlsMusic, the site for women in music. The interviewer had really interesting questions to ask, and it was really fun to do. Please go check it out.


dear adriana - I just found out today that you will be playing Miss Jessica Gatewood in my musical SPLENDORA (I am the composer) and that you are from ABQ, which is where I moved to 5 years ago!!!!! I look forward to meeting you and seeing the production, which my collaborators and I are very excited about. You probably know some of the same people I know - one of my closest friends is Marya Errin Jones, and I worked with Kristen Loree several years ago when I first moved here.
Anyway...just wanted to congratulate you. Enjoy rehearsals, my favorite part of a production.

Until October...

Stephen Hoffman
stephen hoffman | 09.12.06 - 6:05 pm | #

WHOAH! Stephen! We have a LOT to talk about...what a bizarre co-incidence. Marya is a good friend of mine! How...what...oh I have questions. If you see this, please write to me at a (at) adrianaroze (dot) com.
a | Homepage | 09.13.06 - 9:56 am | #

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