I had my first music rehearsal last night with the music director, and...wow. I don't think I was expecting the score to this show to be so unbelievably lush, melodic, complicated, and exciting as it is. I feel like I've hit the jackpot. And I'm not just saying that because the composer might be reading this (hello, Stephen!). This is some seriously complex stuff that is going to challenge me on so many levels. I'm absolutely terrified. This is no walk in the park, Laurey in Oklahoma nonsense. This is a character worthy of standing, dare I say it, with Dot in Sunday in the Park or The Baker's Wife in Into The Woods.

As a former reader and evaluator of submissions for the JLPAF grant, I have heard a lot of new musicals in my time. Most of them, I hate to say, were utter rubbish. I had just sort of come to expect that from new work. This one is very different.

I think this is going to rock.


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