For our anniversary, Hubby and I had a beautiful dinner at a hidden restaurant in Silverlake called Cliff's Edge. I recommend it for its romantic ambiance and verdant courtyard, filled with candles lighting a venerable, sprawling ficus tree. Quite nice.

I don't have a lot to report on the show except that right now it's just a big soup and all sorts of things need to marinate before it becomes something edible. Beginning this weekend, I will have rehearsal essentially every day until the show opens (Oct 27th), so my apologies now to all my loved ones for whom I will be in absentia.

Some movies to avoid: The Black Dahlia, even if you are into randomness, and The Wicker Man, even if you're into druids. I recommend in their stead: Shakespeare Behind Bars, which we got in the mail (I'm pretty sure it's rentable), and which was stunning.

This is a very pedestrian posting.


The Black Dahlia was SO AWFUL. I'm so glad you agree with me.
ashley | 09.29.06 - 5:53 am | #

If you go to The Black Dahlia expecting to see a movie about The Black Dahlia, it is a really confusing and bizarre couple of hours.
a | Homepage | 09.29.06 - 1:56 pm | #

It is so confusing! The only part I liked was Scarlett's pretty face and the pretty music and the pretty costumes.
ashley | 09.30.06 - 11:25 am | #

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