The job I'm currently doing (ends today) is replacing someone who quit or was fired, and there have been a succession of temps covering since. I got a note from...well, it could be anyone as far as three years back. It says:

The knowledge and understanding you walk away with, and the stuff you will learn from this job will better inform you for future conversations, opportunities, positions, and can also prevent the "egg on the face" event from rearing it's (sic) ugly head.

There's a handwritten quote on a post-it note on the wall. It says:

For all that God has shown me, I believe in all that God has not shown me. - Emerson

...which is nice, but I too wish to be remembered, so I added:

I hate quotations. Tell me what you know. - Emerson

I can't seem to prevent myself from the Egg On The Face Event. Help me.


The Egg On The Face Event is not preventable. It is, however, repeatable. It happens when you least expect it. It is not pretty. Sometimes, it happens to other people, though. And that's when it is funny.
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