I have to tell you that David, Chuck, and I psychotically and massively loved the new Pirates movie, reviews be DAMNED! It is so much fun, and draws from the very best epic sea mythology. I seriously squealed when they summoned the You Know What (rhymes with smacken, blacken, and hack-in). It really helps to go to movies with zero expectations. I very very rarely want to see a movie again in the theatre, but I need more of this one. I guess it's a pirate's life for me after all.

CHECK IT OUT, YO! My auction is kicking all kinds of butt. Speaking of exceeding expectations, this has already way exceeded mine. Hooray for random luck (luck is pretty random, isn't it...or is it?)! And I'm sorry to Gabi and Tifanie, who I could at this moment be battling online. That was seriously tempting, but this seemed like the more sensible thing to do, seeing as David's job ends this week (pssst, his birthday is also next week...sshhhh).

...I think I had other things to say but I'm distracted by my greedy need to refresh my auction page every 30 seconds.


Make sure it's not your cousin John bidding...
gabriella | 07.11.06 - 11:00 pm | #


It's brilliant.
Mimi | 07.13.06 - 3:10 pm | #

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