Hubby and I had a really lovely evening last night watching Tick, Tick...Boom! at the Coronet Theatre. It was a night where everything slipped into the stream of synchronicity, and all was as it should be.

Firstly, we had a sumptuously delicious meal at a restaurant that we just stumbled into, Real Food Daily. Ever-so-delicious black bean tostada creation with food that was so fresh, it took our breath away. Oh yes, we'll be going back there soon.

Then we walked over to see the show, and who should we run into but Al and Julie Larson, Jonathan Larson's dad and sister (my ex-bosses). It was so wonderfully good and surprising to see them. I was sure they'd been a hundred times to the show by that point and would be done with it, but there they were. I had been thinking about them a lot lately and it was just one of those cases where it's really good to see someone. Al has really been a grandfatherly force in my life and I appreciate that so much.

The show was...well it was way better than I expected or remember it from the NY production. They've finally found the right cast for it. They've also found the humor in it, which I felt was lacking originally (or really sort of overblown and clowny). It's a problematic show to begin with, as it was written by Jonathan as a one-man blowing-off-steam cabaret, and has now been turned into a three-person full-on musical. Somehow these three manage to make it work. I was a bit stunned that the guy playing Jon genuinely had certain nasal resonances that are EXACTLY like Jonathan Larson's. It was sort of spooky.

It was just nice, once again, to have this little moment with this weird other life of mine. It seems to be always there for me, somehow, and usually when I least expect it.

Someday the theatre will recieve me back into its wide, addicting arms, and that will be a good, good day.


It will be a great day indeed. Any day you want. I'd prefer tomorrow and for you to take me with you. Beautiful post, friend.
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