My Uncle Don is all famous now because he's been appointed by the Governor of New Mexico to head all the charter schools in the state. He was supposed to be retired, but I guess that didn't last long. We are so very proud and puffed up about it. I think he should make a charter school called "The Give The Rozes Some Money School" and it we would be glad to teach someone, um, something about mixing vocals in Cubase and how not to record a drum from inside an oven. Also it will take place in California, in our dining room.

And speaking of mixing vocals, hubby and I finished our first draft submission of "After The Goldrush" by Neil Young for this compilation that we're applying for. We like it so much that whether it gets selected or not, it's probably going to go on the next album, which we will begin writing IMMINENTLY.

David's job is in its final death throes. Any good juju towards extending its life would be greatly appreciated. He loves his job. I love his job. We love him having his job.

Last night, David and I finally summoned up the emotional courage to watch the feature-length documentary on Jonathan Larson that accompanies the Rent DVD. It was like going through the four years of working at Unky's all over again, but from a very organized third-person perspective, which was fascinating. I have hit my personal "tick, tick...Boom!" and I think I am getting through it. I'm sure no one besides JL and hubby will know what that means.

Speaking of "tick, tick...Boom!", apparently it's playing at the Coronet theatre right now (and Eddie Izzard doing late night standup after, it's almost unbearable!). I'm trying to decide if I have the fortitude to go see it, or if it's better to let it lie. I worked on making that thing exist, and in a way, I don't need it. I don't need any of it, this part of someone else's past that keeps popping up and intertwining itself into my own. I don't need it like you don't need to re-read a story you know by heart, or a song you've sung a hundred times. You don't need it, but some morbid fascination keeps bringing you back.


let me know if you need a principal for your charter school
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