Last night we saw (for free) a really foofy production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The coolest thing about the evening was that Madame Librarian herself, Shirley Jones, was there. I mean, here was the woman who got to be Laurey Williams, Julie Jordan, AND Marian Paroo. I was jumping up and down. She was there because her son Patrick Cassidy was playing Joseph. I know him best as The Balladeer in the original Assassins, so everytime he sang I just kept hearing "Damn you, Booth!" Good times.

And this little tidbit from IMDB: Mother Shirley Jones was pregnant with Patrick Cassidy while filming The Music Man (1962). Nobody knew she was pregnant until the footbridge scene, where Robert Preston had his arms around her and Patrick kicked him!

We just watched that movie. Robert Preston is a dream. David and I bloody love that show. There's almost always Trouble In River City at our house.

Yeah, I admit it, I'm a musical fool.


And it is nice knowing that some things never change. You are partly responsible for my being a musical fool as well!
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