I finished a very annoying assignment yesterday, so I'm really quite happy. The bossperson had me print every. single. email. out on paper. The bossperson was a very higher up, so this means that I was printing literally hundreds of emails a day. It came to about one to two entire reams of paper a day, and it really bothered me. It didn't even make any sense. It's just completely unnecessary in today's workplace. I won't get further into it, just trust me that it was wasteful and weird.

A newly unearthed photo from Into the Woods has been added in the Photos page, and I updated my links to include the CostcoCakes blog. Fun for everyone.


Yuck! I remember one of the times John was being sued and he had to print out all of his emails. You're right, what a waste. If you fast, though, and get ahead of the printer, you can play a round of Free Cell!
Prairie Momma | 06.03.06 - 8:02 am | #

Congrats on finishing your assignment.

Now get yourself across the border and kick some musical ass!
Mimi | 06.04.06 - 8:00 am | #

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