This weekend, I did things that Normal People tend to do on a regular basis.

Firstly, we went to two great movies (Friends With Money, Brick). While David spent the weekend attacking our computer and completely dive-bombing it and re-installing Windows in preparation for the writing/recording of our next album, I was left to clean up the Den of Slack that our home had become in the last few months since we've been working on the live show.

I completely cleaned the apartment from top to bottom: got rid of all clutter (there was lots), vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed and scrubbed the nasty shower, cleaned out closet, swept, mopped floors, cleaned windows...and then the worst thing was discovered. Somehow the pigeons that have managed to avoid our porch for the last five years found a magic upper perch and in what I can only imagine was a few weeks' unnoticed time, pooped up the entire porch. It was disgusting. It made me sick to my stomach.

It was a turning point. I could have just let it go, and never opened the blinds again, and ask to be moved to another apartment, and blindly hope it'd go away. Instead something in me snapped and I took action. I went to the hardware store and got an industrial scrubber, some lysol, a breathing mask, and some Bird Be Gone wire, and went to town on that porch.

Folks, it was horrible. But I did it, dammit. I got rid of it.

I then got some organic potting soil and re-potted all our plants (thereby re-funkifying the kitchen and heralding round two of mopping). I even got some new plants that hopefully will survive in our home and on our ledge. I'm trying to grow more edible things, so now in addition to the rosemary, I have a mint plant and a strawberry plant. As soon as I find some I will get some basil and some lavendar as well.

SO THERE, that is all my domesticity for another year. Phew.

OH, I also went to an audition. It was a strange, uncomfortable one. It was for a nun in the Sound of Music. How hard can that be? I knew the casting director as someone really cool and hilarious from work, so I said, "you'll probably remember me as Mr. Blah Blah's temp." He was blank and then slowly recognized me, and said, "Yes...but you weren't wearing THAT." I had on a black shirt and skirt and my hair was pulled back, AS I WAS AUDITIONING FOR A NUN. I sort of stammered, ""

Note to self: in future, look hipster cool to all auditions in Hollywood, no matter how slumpy the role.


Doesn't it feel great when you are able to clear your physical surroundings from grime and clutter? It always makes me calmer inside when I do that, even though it is a real burden to actually go through with doing it.

Wish you lived closer. I have basil seedlings and would gladly give you some cuttings off my lovely Spanish lavender plants!
Lisa | 05.01.06 - 12:37 pm | #

What is in the air? We are off from school for the next two weeks, and my poor children are becoming slaves to my domestic demands. We're cleaning, throwing, and decluttering (when we finally get done milking. ). Next, we are putting our Earth boxes together and getting them ready for the garden this year. If we manage to clean everything I want, garden what we can, we might do some sewing, but chances are we'll be back to school and the domestic days will be over until the next school break. Ahhhhhh

Let us know how the audition went as far as getting the role.
Prairie Momma | 05.01.06 - 1:24 pm | #

Oh, I won't be getting the role.
a | Homepage | 05.01.06 - 3:57 pm | #

What's an Earth box?
Lisa | 05.01.06 - 6:56 pm | #

Go to They are great gardening boxes. Wonderful in the dry place we live in. You probably wouldn't need it unless you wanted to extend the growing season as they help retain heat. Adriana, you might like them for your patio for growing some salad greens and tomatoes and other yummies.
Prairie Momma | 05.01.06 - 7:18 pm | #

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