Last night was pretty great. We did a quick acoustic set as openers for the comedy show. What was the best about it was meeting people whose work I have loved for a long time, like Paul F Tompkins, who was adorable and recognized us as one of his Myspace Friends, and Scott Aukerman, another Mr. Show alumnus. Everyone was really lovely. As crass and silly as Myspace is, it is what got us the gig in the first place, and I've come to really appreciate what it has to offer for the independent musician.

The weirdest and coolest moment was, after covering a Rhett Miller song, finding out that the wife of the bassist of the Old 97s (Rhett's band) was in the audience and loved it. It ended up being this lovely woman, whom I had long ago seen get married on TLC's Wedding Story, and I remember thinking, "I bet I'm going to meet them someday." Well, the world is a small and kind of slippery place, and you never know when you are going to collide with someone. Strike "the world" and replace it with "Hollywood." So that was really nice.

I am tired, and happy, and happy to be tired. I'm looking forward to playing a full set with keyboards.


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