We're excited to announce that on Thursday, April 13th, we will be opening for a band that we love and admire greatly, Trespassers William. It will be at Smart City Grinds in Azusa, CA, which is just East of the Pasadena area. If you don't know Trespassers, this is a fantastic opportunity to check them out AND see us at the same time. Beautiful.

The sucky part is that the venue is pay to play. What that means is that I have to sell you tickets ahead of time. If you are interested, please send me an email at tickets (at) theendlessband.com and let me know. I will have more info on this by the weekend. It's going to be a show filled with what sounds like some very interesting bands. Very emo, moody, melodic stuff.

So there it is. I am pretty sure that exactly one person who reads this will be flippin excited about it, and the rest of you will be scratching your heads, but I promise you, it's really good.


I AM FLIPPIN EXCITED! I AM JUMPING FOR JOY. I need somebody to tape this for me. Is that allowed? Oh my god. :[ CHUCK! HOOK A SISTER UP!
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