Well, I haven't been talking about it, because who wants to hear about this kind of crap, but I think I mentioned a while back that I've had a headache since Christmas. It hasn't gone away, and has been anywhere from totally tolerable to downright debilitating. Three months is entirely too long to have a headache. Anyways, I finally got an x-ray today and it looks like it's due to my neck, so it's actually a cervical headache. I'm much relieved to find this out and have a better idea of a way to do something about it. I've been seeing a chiropractor for this back injury since last September, so it looks like it's just more of the same to come.

I don't always believe that illness is metaphor, but in this particular instance, it could be. The last thing my mom bugged me about was my poor posture. I feel that, in recovering and re-emerging from this loss, I'm physically having to restructure my entire body to get it into proper alignment and strengthen parts that couldn't hold me up before, physically and emotionally. I wish my body didn't have to take everything so literally.

...and I just threw my hands into metaphorical shackles for the sake of health insurance (i.e., I just applied for the job at which I've been temping). What we won't do for health insurance. This DOES NOT mean I am no longer an actor. It DOES NOT. It just means I admit that I'm working during the day for a while, is all. It comes at the right time, as apparently hubby is losing his job again (lame). At least The Man I'd be working for is ever so nice, and that's a blessing. Plus, and I'm sure I've mentioned this, I have the most beautiful window one could hope for in LA, short of a view of the ocean (it overlooks the lot and a big green mountain of Griffith Park beyond).


WHAT! UGH! :[ I'm sorry sorry about it all.
ashley | 03.27.06 - 6:44 pm | #

Is it the ol' Atlas C1 vertebrae? Mine was all messed up not too long ago from stress and poor posture- those little bones really do affect everything. This is a pretty common problem. I am relieved to hear it is not neurological. Go get one of those neck support pillows- mine has made a world of difference. And stand tall my sister- you will heal.
tifanie | 03.27.06 - 9:55 pm | #

Sending strength and love to you both from over here... *MUCH MUCH HUGS*
Mimi | 03.28.06 - 3:02 am | #

I'm glad that you found out what the problem is. It helps so much to know what you are dealing with then you at least feel like you can begin to deal with it and it gives hope.
Lisa | 03.28.06 - 5:23 pm | #

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