We sort of accidentally saw Riverdance the other night. No really, it was that random. We went to the gym, but when we got there, our gravity pilates class was cancelled. So right near the gym is the Pantages theatre, and I remembered that I had heard on the Actors Equity hotline that they were giving out free tickets to Equity members that night for the show. So David and I kind of looked at each other like, "er...do you want to see RIVERDANCE?" AND WE TOTALLY DID! I'll tell you what, those people are some tappin', cloggin' fools. They worked so hard for our admiration, and their energy was simply undeniable. And when something is free, it's even better because your expectations are at absolute zero. Or at least mine are.

Annnyways, the one thing I took away from it was that the Uilleann Pipes make the saddest, wailingest, transcendentingest sounds ever. I need to get my hands on some.

This weekend is going to be nutty. We have something for every minute. But it's all good things. We're going to the DIY Convention (Do It Yourself music, film, books), which is supposed to be a really good convention for indie artists. In the middle of that, we have to dash up to Santa Clarita for my godchild's first birthday party, and then zip back down to the rest of the panels in Hollywood, and then off to Pasadena for another gathering. Calgon!


Hope the convention went well. You sound like you are one buuuuuusy couple!
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