The convention was horrifying and inspiring all at once. I think that pretty much sums up anything that is a frank discussion of the workings of the entertainment industry. There were people there who were really wonderful, giving the indie artist lots of hope for the limitless possibilities that the internet has to offer. Then there were the actual music supervisors and attorneys and A&R people who essentially negated anything that the people trying to help us would have to say.

They had a "demo derby" on Saturday evening where a bunch of club bookers and an A&R lady would listen to and critique music (on a tiny boom box within a giant theatre, holding the mic up to the boom box-terrible). Two of the club bookers were from Spaceland and The Echo, two of three venues that are essentially the only places in town for our style of music. So they had this giant stack of discs, and they put in the first 1 minute of a CD, and we start to see that generally they only tend to like the basic fuzzy distorted male guitar rock (which is what this town revolves around), blah blah blah. And then, because our graphics were good, they put ours in, and Simply Sleep came on.

*cricket, cricket*

At this point, I should interject that the last time we were played at a conference like this, we got an exceptionally warm response and managed to get a song on several internet radio stations because of it.

Not this time. The guy played maybe a minute, turned it off, and said, "eh. Why would you choose that song?" I said "because it's the one that gets the best response and everyone loves it." "Meh." The A&R lady said I had a nice voice but...*yawn*.

Great. Thanks, guys.

So two of the three clubs in town that should be booking us are now off the list, at least for the moment. I will continue to hound them anyway. Someone pulled me aside the next day and said we seriously should be playing New York. *blink* THANKS, lady!!! She also said Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, which I'm sure you'll all agree with.

So anyway, in spite of that, there was a lot that lit a fire under our butts and we left the weekend with that "screw them, we'll make it anyway" type of attitude, which is great. I'm still not going to take some lady's advice and order pizzas for people we're trying to suck up to, with our CD inside. That is just...UGH. There's got to be a better way.

We definitely learned that if you want to get your stuff placed in film/tv, you basically have to be Jesus or know someone who's best friends with Jesus. So if you happen to see him around, could you slip him our CD? Thanks.


Hey... I actually don't represent individual artists anymore, I'm more of a concept guy. Like a "what if we put together a tribute album to... the soundtrack to Xanadu" sort of things.

Placing artists and their songs on TV really burned me back in the Dawson's Creek era, it just didn't pay off and all it did was get people like Paula Cole national exposure, and I don't know about you but if I hear that song one more time I don't wanna wait for my life to be over either, I want it to end now.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. Keep plugging away, Endless, you have to because if you don't you'd have to change your name to The Ended and that's decidedly more goth.

You're great.

On a side note, if hearing "back in the era of Dawson's Creek" makes YOU feel old because to you that show skewed too young for YOU... imagine how it makes ME feel.

Peace out,
Jeezy Creezy
Jesus | Homepage | 02.14.06 - 12:49 pm | #

I second you guys playing in Portland.
Lisa | 02.14.06 - 4:33 pm | #

Yeah, I'll third that. The Portland scene seems very interesting right now. Remind me to give you a cd from a Portland band that we have an interesting connection with- Mise En Abyme. But you shouldn't have to travel so far to find a place to play- there is something desperately wrong with that.
tifanie | 02.14.06 - 5:00 pm | #

Kansas would definately be a horrible idea.... so as long as you stay away from the Bible belt you will be some what better off.

But then again you never know when you will see Christ Himself in the Bible belt.....

ps. I watched the documentary of Johnathan Larson on the special features of Rent (I know, I know. It doesnt come out til the 21st. Dont ask) and it was beautiful. You are lucky to have known his family.
Katie | 02.14.06 - 10:22 pm | #

I hate the ent industry too. Let's try to talk about the video soon. Dont give up!
Mary | 02.15.06 - 3:19 pm | #

I'm sooooo glad you guys have the type of attitude you do. Keep it going. Never give up, never give in!!
Ma | 02.16.06 - 6:40 am | #

Katie, BAD YOU (or VERY GOOD YOU) for having the DVD already. Sounds like you have connections. I was there when they were shooting some of the extras, so I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Mary, seriously, we are ready when you are. We'll talk Saturday.
a | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 3:43 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:57:00 PM  

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