Vegas was a cruel mistress who took all and gave nothing. At least to me and David. I even had brought the magic money that my mom had saved from my grandmother's bingo days, and it yielded nothing. Sorry, Nana. I think you really have to work with more than $40 for Vegas to yield the booty. Usually that's enough to enjoy a long weekend, but this time every game just *SLURP* sucked it up before we had time to have fun.

We did, however, watch the Durans totally rock it with their devotion to Gamblor. They are amazing. We had a great deal of fun going all over town from the Freemont area (which is retro-fabulous!) to all the new showy places on the strip (which are over the top and terrible and wonderful in all the right ways). We ate good food and most importantly helped Gabi turn 30, which was the best part of all. I'll try to grab pics from my phone (stupid us forgot camera).

We saw dolphins and white tigers and white lions at the Mirage, unfathomably gorgeous and living in too-small cages. Their power felt primal, raw, and entirely too majestic for such an energetically chaotic environment. I don't know how they handle it. I get the sense sometimes that these animals are ambassadors so we can remember what's really important. For instance, yesterday we went to Disneyland (I finished jury duty and David was free so we went, dangit) and amidst all the hooey and hullabaloo, a bunch of people and ecstatic kids were staring at a patch of ground near a ride. I looked down to find two tiny mice scuttling about. Somehow their energy was so much more magnetic than their animated counterparts. Beautiful.

Jury duty was fascinating. After waiting in the jury room for several hours next to a man who told his neighbor his entire life story (pitiful, sad, horrible marriage) to the woman next to him, I was called in to a case. The process of law was a lot more theatrical than I expected. There's a lot of pomp involved. I went through a few hours of questioning that turned out to be very intense and personal. The most difficult part about it was that the defendant was in the room, and because it was a criminal case, we would have to make a unanimous decision about his fate. The thought of being responsible for that was very heavy. I was quite relieved, after everything, to be excused from the jury.

...and yesterday my sweet niece turned 7, which is WOW, just crazy and now that she's hit the Age of Reason she's well into acheiving meta-cognition. She told me a whole story about how her doll had traveled the whole world just to find safety in her home in the desert, how she'd been to other deserts like Iraq and Kansas (tornados) that weren't safe, but had finally settled in her bedroom. I'm glad she feels safe there, away from raging oceans, sweeping hurricanes, angry earthquakes, and whatever else might be concerning the mind of a happy seven year old.


i love cellos too cuz i play one.Hahahahahah!!!!
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