If I have to hear one more ignorant, homophobic doofus in this company rant about how they'll NEVER see Brokeback Mountain and that Ang Lee is a hack, I am going to go on a rampage. This has happened several times over the last month, but this one just overheard:

"I went because of I thought I should because of all the awards. *shaking head* Not good."
"Well, I will never go." (Man, of course)
"I couldn't even sit in my seat, I was so uncomfortable. They expect me to watch that?"
"It's just...yuck."
"Will I turn gay if I see it?" (yeah, you idiot, you're going to turn gay)
"I don't understand what all the acclaim is about the director." (!*#$*&^@%@????)
blah blah blah for the next 15 minutes

This is at a MOVIE studio, where these people should know better, on many, many levels. You people are sick.

...other than that, I like my new job because I have a huge window overlooking the lot and my boss answers his own phone. Choice!


I feel your pain. Mostly everyone in my office thinks it is wrong and/or disgusting that there is a movie about such a thing. I cry a little when I hear them talking crap about it.
ashley | 01.31.06 - 10:58 am | #

I think that Brokeback Mountain is a sublimely beautiful film and the people that don't like it or refuse to see it are just afraid of themselves. Not afraid that they are/might be gay but afraid that they might be wrong about their ideas and don't want to admit it or admit that they have been taught by fools.
d | 01.31.06 - 12:54 pm | #

Situations like this boil down to ignorance and a inabilty to become EMOTIONALLY mature. It amazes me that same sex love can be so threatening. The people around you at work are the true hacks, Adriana, for following the herd. So just know that you are aware of some real truth, and that you got to see a film that studies that truth. If that fails, call me over and I will bitchslap the lot of 'em.
Shawn Jackson | 01.31.06 - 1:06 pm | #

Now, first of all, I've already had fun with that conversation you posted pretending its about different things. Their children doing a play for them, for example. See, that's funny.

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is surely great, but I'm going to risk unpoularity here. I think the performances are good and the direction is beautiful, but I seriously doubt a similar film about heterosexual love would get the same lauding. It feels like a "cause" film to me in that way and I find that distasteful. I appreciate those who enjoy the film genuinely and I am disappointed in those who applaud it or reject it out of hand for its subject matter before even seeing it. It's a prejudgement either way and you have to admit it's going on wiht this film far too much. It clouds the issue of a truly sweet piece of work. Without taking anything away from BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, I'm sure you'll agree it is not Ang Lee's finest film.

And no I don't think it was HULK.

I have longed for a real dialogue about this but have yet to find it. Thoughts?
Don | Homepage | 01.31.06 - 6:54 pm | #

Sorry to continue here, but I hope I did make it clear that I really enjoyed the film. Before I'm lynched. I hope someone sees my point, though.
Don | Homepage | 01.31.06 - 6:56 pm | #

I haven't seen it. I hate to sound unfeeling, but I am just not interested in cowboy love stories, no matter who's doing the lovin', who they are doing it to, or how they are doing it. I've seen the movie trailers and I just kind of yawn. Am I going to be stoned to death now?

Adi, I'm glad you have a boss who takes his own phone calls. That is almost unheard of.
tifanie | 01.31.06 - 7:16 pm | #

OK. I'm the rancher that will get lynched. I haven't seen the movie nor do I intend to, but then again, I haven't seen King Kong or the majority of the movies out there. I would be careful, though, to lump everyone who doesn't go see the movie as homophobic or taught by fools or afraid of what they might discover in themselves. Some of us just don't make it to every movie, no matter how good it is because life gets in the way. True, there are some that have based their opinions on this issue from some fears or foolish ideas. There are others that start with a standard and base their opinions from there. We all are prejudice in one way or another - if we're willing to admit it. However, I am grateful that we live in a country where we can freely voice those prejudices, unlike many of my friends in other countries. So, with that note, rant and rave and discuss this - that's what our freedoms give us! OK. That said, I'd like to see Heath Ledger come round up cows on my place some time.....
Prairie Momma | 01.31.06 - 9:48 pm | #

I would love to see the movie if there were other actors playing the roles. I fear that seeing two of my favorite actors "loving" each other would squash all of my GREAT dreams that someday I will marry one of them(when Pat's gone of course)!
Laura | 02.01.06 - 4:45 am | #

I just wanted to point out something I guess I didn't make clear: these people aren't saying they'll never watch the movie for whatever random innocuous reasons (not interested, no time, don't care, etc). The people I'm complaining about are saying it loudly to blatantly point out that they're not going to patronize a "gay" movie. That's what makes me angry, is that they feel the need to make loud pronunciations of protest in order to assert their moral and sexual superiority. Also, these people are saying these things around an office population that's probably 1/3 gay, so it's obnoxious.

...as far as the film's worth outside of its "controversy," I think it's a simple and and spare meditation on what happens when you let fear run your life, and the deep ways it affects everyone around you. That's a universal theme.

..but The Ice Storm and Sense and Sensibility are still my Lee favorites.
a | 02.01.06 - 10:22 am | #

and, heh, for a laugh:

a | 02.01.06 - 10:28 am | #

Many, many, many films have been made like this that were heterosexual. Two people who want each other but can't for various reasons and live out their lives in fear. Many, many, many films.
d | 02.01.06 - 11:18 am | #

Very good points, and again, I'm glad we live where we can each have our opinions, spend our money on the movies we want to support and promote, and still have a great time playing Taboo when we get together. Right!
Prairie Momma | 02.01.06 - 3:58 pm | #


To borrow from the New Yorker:

"Any attempt to promote this as an issue movie, gripped by an agenda, feels badly misplaced; the only issue here is the oldest and most sorrowful one of all."

The oldest issue, I assume, being seized love.

That being said, I don't think Lee has any desire to spent time making a "cause" movie, he is not out to insult our intelligence.

If you don't think the idea of the film is going to resonate with you, for whatever reason, be it grounded in taste or non-acceptance, thats for you to work out. What is bothering me about some of these posts is not that you don't want to see two cowboys carry on, it's that you have made up your mind about a piece of work that you have not sat through and processed yet. I am, quite frankly, getting fed up with this idea that one can have a clear opinion about a film, or book, or piece of art, without first experiencing it. I don't mind you stating you disliked the film.....if you have seen it.
As for the film itself, I find it profound because I undertstood both of the characters so well. I have been both the chaser and the one unwilling to love back. Other films, starring "straight" couples, have had the same effect on me as well. But Brokeback is high on my list because while I have seen this formula played out in other "gay" films, it has never been given these kinds of production values or this kind of attention. I use the term "gay" very lightly because while this film will help define queer cinema, it's more than all that.
Lots of layers going on here, kids.
Shawn Jackson | 02.01.06 - 4:33 pm | #

Just for the record. I haven't seen the movie, and I don't have an opinion on the film. I live reality every day with cows that bust down fences, 4 children to teach, dishes, laundry, meals, bills, volunteering, etc, etc, etc - life, just as everyone else out there does. I hate to admit it because it is not politically correct to say - but I pay my $9.50 to see a movie that is anything BUT reality. Sorry. If, however, someone in my family does make a movie - reality or not - you can bet I'll be there. Until then, I prefer the mushy, ahhhh movies - such as Sense & Sensibility. Now there's a movie.....
Prairie Momma | 02.01.06 - 7:28 pm | #

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