I am at that very blank time at the Beginning of Things where there's not much to say and there's not much to do except listen to the lap, lap, lap of water against uninhabited shore and wonder What Is Next.


You just enjoy that for you and me both. I'd give an arm and leg for a moment like that. The neighbors are starting to get obnoxious around here. Movie possibilities happening here. I still like the waterfall for a video!?!?!?! I was thinking the other night we have several friends that haul water in semis. We could get a few semis to slowly trickle water over while we film. It would be a timing thing, but doable. So, lap up the quiet while I plot over here.
Prairie Momma | 01.12.06 - 6:56 am | #

I am so with you. What IS next...?
tifanie | 01.12.06 - 9:59 pm | #

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