The Fun page has been updated with new pics from the last three months. Go have a look...IF YOU DARE. Just kidding, there's nothing scary there...OR IS THERE? (answer: no)

I love going home because I'm always digging up pictures for this site of past shows I've been in. I found something this time that you might find amusing, but doesn't quite fit on the Photos page.

See, when I was a kid, I was kinda sort of obsessed with Annie. Annie the stage musical. I was in the show when I was 6 years old, so it just was completely integrated into my life growing up. It was all I sang, it was all I did. So you can imagine my utter thrill when, at 7 and half, I found out there was going to be a MOVIE. You can also imagine my WILD MADDENING MADNESS when I found out that the local PBS station was holding an Annie Lookalike Contest to herald the opening of the movie. I had the outfit. I had the wig (it was one of my grandmother's old wigs, which she gave me to play with -- it was just normal to use wigs as fashion devices back then). I could belt "Tomorrow" like there was no tomorrow. I WAS Annie.

I found the KNME newsletter where this was printed. You can guess which one is me. I'm the one who is fully in character, posing in the traditional Annie stance. And did I win? No, and here's why:

This stupid girl on my left, Jill Williamson, she won. You wanna know why? She was tiny, and THAT WAS HER REAL HAIR. She had natural afro-head. It wasn't even red. It was brown. SHE ALSO HAD NO PUPILS! But isn't she ever so cute and adorable in her little cuteness?


P.S.: just kidding about the pupils.


This is truly hilarious. You are perfect. Forget that naturally curly headed little zombie child. She looks like she doesn't even know where she is, or who she is standing next to. The nerve!
tifanie | 01.12.06 - 10:02 pm | #

that all reminded me of playing outside in my backyard trying to convince the neighbors that you were the real actress from Annie. We even wrapped your arm in socks to look like a cast because the actress' arm was broken in reality. Do you remember??
gabriella | 01.16.06 - 6:23 pm | #

oh and I was molly...I don't really know why, but I think I even had myself believing it was true!
gabriella | 01.16.06 - 6:24 pm | # for letting everyone know about that. *blush*
a | Homepage | 01.18.06 - 9:42 am | #

your welcome
gabriella | 01.18.06 - 6:57 pm | #

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