David and I are headed for the City of Sin for a weekend of debauchery with my family...oh wait, I mean...a weekend of delightful entertainment. We're all converging there to celebrate the 30th (ACK! Is that possible?) birthday of cousin Gabi, she of the incriminating childhood comments (I'll get you...just you wait). As the activities director of our former high school and also a teacher and political activist, she is the bee's knees. She seems to be some kind of master of roulette but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that someone else's luck is not your own.

This last weekend, my cousin John and his girlfriend Komal came to town and we got to go check out a Sikh gurdwara in our neighborhood, which was extremely cool. I highly recommend visiting, especially because the music is sublime and you get a wicked Indian meal afterwards. We also totally succombed to watching A Conversation With Koko again, which is absolutely heart-rending and amazing and really puts you in your place in the grand scheme of Earth.

We've also been watching this, which is also heart-rending and amazing and really puts you in your place, but in a whole different way.

And I'm packing up my desk at my current job, which is probably ending today. I actually have jury duty next week. I'm kind of excited.

Still floating. Still waiting. Still observing. Still hoping.


It must be really bizarre to go back and work at your former high school. I just had to pull out my handy 1994 yearbook (cause that's the only one I have) and refresh my memory on what your cousin looked like, because I don't think I ever met her but I know that I saw her around.

Have fun in Vegas. I've been there only once and had a blast except for the embarrassing incident when I tripped right in front of a long line of traffic on one of the main strips at about midnight one night. Oh, those free drinks...
Lisa | 01.19.06 - 6:45 pm | #

This may seem random, but I am not crazy nor am I a stalker. I happened upon your site while googling Rent. I am a HUGE Idina Menzel fan and was just wondering if you got to meet her. I saw that you were on set, and that in it's self had to have been amazing. Unfortunately I am stuck in Kansas and probably will never spend one second of my life in New York. Which is probably for the better because I would be too scared any way. I am glad to hear that there are people out there like you that really make it. By make it I mean people who dont sit behind a desk all day and come home to crap. People that love what they do and are truely happy. At least thats how you seem.
Katie | 01.22.06 - 9:56 pm | #

Gabi is not 30! Yikes! I just added 500 Nations to my netflix que. I hope to frolic in L.A. agian soon, but it seems so far away!
gabriel | 01.25.06 - 11:16 pm | #

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