We spent much of the weekend working on the Holiday Single 2005, which I think will be fun and funny and enjoyable. Don't you wish you knew what it was? Well, the only way to get one is to be on our special mailing list. How can you be on our special mailing list? By buying our CD, duh!!

We experienced holy communion with Jane Siberry on Friday night, who was angelic and perfect and good. She continued to give us her support, which we really appreciate. If you don't know much about her, check out her website. She has just implemented a self-determined pricing scheme that is fascinating.

On Saturday, Shawn and hubby and I went to see the Rent movie again. Whereas the first viewing was for me completely objective and really more watching it to see how it was done, this viewing was utterly emotional. All those feelings that were underneath the surface came spilling over again. The flaws were completely overwhelmed by the simplicity and beauty of its message: forget regret, or life is yours to miss. I'm on it, JL, honestly.

We got ourselves a Christmas tree and it is sitting, neglected and unadorned, in the corner of the room until music making is over and done with. Just HOLD ON there, Christmas, I'm not ready for you! To the corner with ye! Seriously, though, I have come alive again in the last few months, and I am ready to enjoy holidays again. I am ready to live again. I am ready. No other course, no other way. No day but today.


I am so happy for you. No matter how many different times or how many different ways we hear it, life really is too short. We have to enjoy every moment we are given, and I know that your eyes are going to take in and your heart is going to soak up so much this next year. Just fill yourself up with it all. Blessings to you and David!!
Prairie Momma | 12.05.05 - 5:14 pm | #

I have been enjoying watching you come alive again! And I agree with you on regret, etc. There is truly no day but today! Lookin' forward to the Christmas single!
ma | 12.06.05 - 2:25 pm | #

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