The number one song on the day I was born was: (You’re) Having My Baby - Paul Anka. There's some terrible irony in that, somewhere. I just know there is. What was yours?

My site is down today so I don't know why I'm posting this.


Mine is: Gonna Fly Now ('Theme from Rocky') - Bill Conti
Lisa | 12.21.05 - 12:47 pm | #

Mine is the gut-wrenching tear-jerker "Information is not available" by the one-hit-wonder "Try Again".
d | 12.21.05 - 3:58 pm | #

Mine is "Love's Theme" by Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra. Many years later, I was carried onstage as Viola in 12th Night to the sounds of that same song, dripping wet in a clingy dress. What, oh what, does that mean?
tifanie | 12.21.05 - 7:01 pm | #

The US chart was Roberta Flack's Feel Like Makin' Love (oooohhhh yeahhhh) but the British chart took all the sizzle out with "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae! Very appropo for a woman that would love to feel like makin' love if she wasn't so damn tired rocking the baby.
Missy | 12.22.05 - 7:25 am | #

Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It? exactly.
Ashley in Stockton! | 12.22.05 - 10:15 am | #

*snort* you are all hilarious.

I do know that "Annie's Song" by John Denver was playing when I was born, and my mom always considered it my song.
a | Homepage | 12.22.05 - 12:05 pm | #

I always consider it your song, too. I told you the story she told me about that, right?
Ashley in Stockton! | 12.22.05 - 11:57 pm | #

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
Laura | 12.23.05 - 4:51 am | #

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