Life isn't fair. It is random, and doesn't always make sense.

This week has been testament to that. On Tuesday, Warner Bros Studios went through some pretty massive layoffs. Even though WB and Warner are having good years, apparently some stockholder has a chip on his shoulder and wanted a big bloodbath. Unfortunately, David was one of those laid off.

We had been told that there were layoffs happening, but that he had nothing to worry about because he and his department are so indispensable. David has worked like a dog and has always been slammed with tons of work, while others around him have been wandering the halls with nothing to do. His boss wasn't even consulted, and didn't know he was going to be laid off. She is devastated. We are all devastated.

David loved his job. He would come home almost bouncing with happiness, even though he was exhausted from working so hard. He felt like it was a new chapter in his life, where he was actually getting paid to do what he loved. For those of you not aware, he was a graphic artist in the Consumer Products department. He'd only been there ten months. As you can imagine, he is heartbroken. It really sort of came out of nowhere. Tomorrow is his last day.

Anyway, we have a little time to figure out what to do, which is good. It's just amazing how you can never predict life. In situations like this, you can either fight it or flow with it. We will flow, and float, and hopefully wash up on some even grander and more abundant shore.



I'm sorry. This has happened more than once to Lawrence and it always feels so unfair. It really sucks when politics within a company lead to these decisions. I can sympathize with you both. I'm glad that it is not putting you into an immediate financial bind, though. At least there is that solace.
Lisa | 11.03.05 - 10:52 am | #

CRAP! What is going on in the universe right now? Major transition for so many of us. I hope everything shakes out well. Davey will land on his feet, I know. Love to you both. Enjoy any extra time you can together..
tifanie | 11.03.05 - 9:52 pm | #

You are both very talented and I'm sure that everything is going to fall into place soon. I keep you in my prayers.
Laura | 11.04.05 - 4:47 am | #

For what it's worth, I feel this is a stepping stone to something greater (for both of you). Although, it's hard when in the middle of it! Love to you both!
ma | 11.04.05 - 6:44 am | #

*hugz* *Hugz* *HUGZ*

Am thinking of you.
Mimi | 11.04.05 - 8:39 am | #

Crap. I'm very sorry for David. What a nightmare. On the up-side . . . more time for music?

*Big hugs* to both of you.
Maure | Homepage | 11.04.05 - 2:57 pm | #

david, lets do lunch soon. i miss you.
Shawn Jackson | 11.07.05 - 4:03 am | #

I am so sorry.....let me know what happens. Things will work out.
Mary | 11.07.05 - 5:00 pm | #

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