I learned from my chiropractor today that I have a very heavy head. "I've worked a lot of heads in my time, but that is one heavy head," says he. "D'oh?" says I. "No wonder your posture's bad. You have to work pretty hard to hold that up." I thought it was because of all the smarts inside, but apparently it's just because I have a thick skull. *Insert self-deprecating joke here*

It's raining, and I'm having the most amazing hair day. My hair woke up like this:

To which I replied, "yes, please."

It'll never do it when I want it to, though. Such is the mystery of hair.

Annnnyways, we're doing alright over here. I officially have a House Husband, which is adorable. I came home from work yesterday and said, "did you make me a turkey pot pie, bootch?" To which he replied, "yes, but I ate it." Such is the hazard of House Husbands.

It's cool, though. He's working feverishly on our beautiful new Endless website, which will be all flash-y and pretty and (hopefully) wonderfully functional. It will come with the launch of our CD, WHICH ARRIVED ON FRIDAY! See the lovely absurdity of it all? David's last day of work was the day our CDs came in. It is very possible that Tuesday, November 15th will be our release date. It really depends on how quickly our online vendors get the album set up. We will send out an email when the site is ready and all is at hand. Then you will buy them, yes?? YES?

We attended a music convention this weekend that was filled with lots of inspirational, frustrating, and often useless advice. It pretty much cemented it for me that there is almost no point trying to sign with a major label. Oh, Subpop, wherefore art thou so elusive? It was great because Shawn Jackson got to join me for a portion of the weekend, and I loved watching his look of horror and fascination upon hearing the "advice" given.

I also had a very good audition on Friday, which counterbalanced the bad Phantom audition. I wish it had been vicey versey, but such is life. I still didn't called back for any of it, so what thah faah.

I'm in another weird job that started Monday. No one seems to want to tell me why I'm here, or what the situation is. The woman I'm replacing moved to another floor, and came up to me on Monday like a battered woman and said, "be careful, beware of her (the woman I'm assisting)." ...and then she made the throat-slashing sign with her hand. *blink* So mainly I've just been sitting here, wondering when the guillotine is going to drop. I was told I was here for a week, and when I told people that, they just laughed at me. "Oh, you'll be here for a while," said one. Yeep.

Is there terrorist chatter on our Endless forum? What is that jibberish? Anyone?

We're alright. It's alright. All is full of love. We'll figure it out. I think things wouldn't be remotely as scary if health insurance weren't involved. Why must we be so beholden to it? Stupid America. I love you, but...geez.


You two are the strongest best people I know. I have so much faith that things will work out. I had a dream the other night that you guys had a track on the Mirrormask soundtrack. Sigh. BUT NEW ALBUM OMG OMG OMG. I am dancing around the house. You have five guaranteed buyers in my sphere of influence! One of which is me who will love and treasure and cuddle it as soon as it gets here.
ashley | 11.10.05 - 10:37 am | #

Adriana you are so strong. Hang in there. If you need an insurance rep let me know - AA and I have been paying for our own since he's been freelance - it's a non-profit for self employeed, artists etc. Cheaper than Cobra by FAR....let us know about your CD release party!! xo mary
Mary | 11.10.05 - 12:25 pm | #

Does your house husband greet you in a cute apron when you come home from work? Just like the good old days?
Lisa | 11.10.05 - 9:09 pm | #

I know you will be fine. It is good Davey can work on what is important for a little while. Cannot wait to be closer neighbors- hopefully good things will pass for all of us. Both the jibberish and the new job are so mysterious. I will certainly buy the album- they are gold to me.
tifanie | 11.11.05 - 8:23 am | #

Yeah on the album, and I am glad you are seeing the best side of this time right now. Watch out for "her" at the office. Makes me think of some creepy movie I watched not too long ago when everyone was gone, and I didn't feel good. Also, I didn't know if David had this website or not, but it was one I thought he might be able to use www.allrecipes.com Be sure and pass that on to him. Tell him I expect him to use lots and lots of tomatoes - properly - and without Churck's help. Love you both!!!!
Prairie Momma | 11.11.05 - 10:33 am | #

Dinner, schminner! What I want to know is: does he vaccuum in high heels and pearls?

*huge hugs* And you know things will work themselves out in the end.
Maure | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 10:02 pm | #

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