Well, I've been to two doctors, had a CT scan, blood tests, and an ultrasound...and the pain in my abdomen is still a mystery. I won't bore you with the details, but I'm really bewildered and uncomfortable and sad right now. I mean really, is You're Making It Up Disease really a necessity right now? I DON'T NEED YOU. GO AWAY. I need to go to New York on Saturday!

Anyways, yeah, Disneyland is for lovers. I mean...Disneyland is for everyone. It's a place where it's impossible to have a bad time (even if you are sick or grieving or breaking up with someone). Unless you are agoraphobic. Then, it might not be so much fun. There are moments, fleeting moments, where real magic gleams quietly through the corporate machine, just waiting to be noticed. It's better on quiet days, when dark corners seem darker and the silence invites a strangeness. That's when you catch a glimpse of the resident feral cats, or a peculiar lamp shining in an otherwise dark window. It's a place to be happy, the deep-down unfettered kind that somehow leads you into the core of what it means to be alive: to just experience joy in the moment, with no thought to the future or past. It allows you to just be. And for someone who is an observer of the human experience, I find it endlessly fascinating as a people-watching destination.

New York holds that same kind of crowd energy that I enjoy so much, and I'm excited to go back for a nice long visit with my old friend. The city feels to me like an ex-love who keeps drawing me back in. We're going to see some shows, and help our friends get married. We'll slosh about in the rain and kiss on front stoops like we did ever so long ago, at the beginning of our marriage, in that beautiful movie of our lives that we keep filming together.

...and I'll be danged if this undiagnosable goofball is going to stop me.


I hope you don't have an ulcer. :-(
ashley | 10.07.05 - 10:13 pm | #

Sam had a mysterious and undiagnosable abdominal pain for a few years. CT scans, ultrasounds, and countless exams showed nothing wrong. He finally found an over the counter medicine that seems to help. I'll send you a link for it. I hope you have are having a good time in NYC anyway. I wish I was there!
tifanie | 10.08.05 - 6:28 pm | #

I had abdominal pain that sounds like that when I was in high school. My family doctor sent me to a "counselor" when he couldn't figure out what was wrong. I still have it here and there. I hope you don't have to go through much more before you get relief.
Laura | 10.10.05 - 7:40 am | #

....have you heard any news re: a diagnosis yet? :/

Big hugs..
Maure | Homepage | 10.11.05 - 9:34 pm | #

Dear Auntie Adriana:

I asked Mommy to tell you that I love you and I am sending you big, wet baby kisses. And that I am standing up and I ate watermelon.

Mommy misses you and is sending you Brigid's blessings for healing and hope.

Shiny, happy, baby love from Caitlin.
Pammikins | 10.17.05 - 12:26 pm | #

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