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Our posters arrived yesterday!! They are gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous. They are meant to announce gigs and stuff and we weren't planning on selling them,, I want you all to see them! This means the CDs can't be too too far behind. We spent the weekend working hard on a complete re-design of the Endless website to co-incide with the album release. It's not done yet, but it is going to be beautiful. Again, hubby is just diving in to a new program and learning Flash just by doing it. He amazes me. Soon we'll be able to pin down a release date. I promise you will know as soon as I do.

Chiropractor is still cracking my way into a better me, and I'm slowly healing. I'm still jobless, so I'm using this time to actually work on music and prepare for auditions. I'm going to go to a few this coming week. It has been a long, long time since I've gone out, and I sort of like it because I feel more confident and the stakes are a lot lower because I have nothing to lose if I don't get these gigs. In fact, getting them would be problematic at best. But I just need to do it, partly to see if I still care, and just to oil up these rusty hinges. That's what acting is for me right now: a rusted tin woodsman trapped in a forest without a heart.

I forgot I had some new pics from my stint with Maria Morevna, so I added those to the Photos page. I love archiving my acting career like this. It's interesting to see where I've been.


Yeah!! I want to see! I want to see!!
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