There's a hole in the bucket.

There's some kind of massive leaky thing happening in our ceiling relating to the air conditioner. Plink plop. There is water coming down and soaking everything, since Saturday. There are bowls everywhere. Plunk. The air conditioner man and the plumber have been round. They've pulled out the ceiling panels and I'm sure have stared at it ponderously, as we have. Ploosh. They, however, don't have to sleep next to plinkity plunkety ploosh.

It ruined a painting, but I figure that's nothing to complain about considering what certain folks have lost lately.

I've got a weird pain in my side (no, not the appendix side). Have had it since Sunday. I am naming it because naming it makes it not so big. I name it Lester. I went to the doc. She shrugged. Ladies, are you with me here that we have some weird-ass body works issues? I mean there are so many wacky things that can spring a leak. Plink. Like plumbing. Like plinkity plooshity plumbing.


I don't like to think of them as strange things with our bodies. I much prefer to think of them as part of the deeper mystery of us beautiful creatures called Women! Sounds much better. Of course, I'm also one of those weirdos that hates putting down "homemaker". I consider myself a Domestic Goddess - and by golly, my family should, too. Tell Lester to take a hike and snuggle up with a heating pad, good movie, nice cup of herb tea, and take any and all pampering you think Lester needs to get the heck out of there. Works for me everytime (or at least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!) Hope you feel better soon!
Prairie Momma | 09.23.05 - 10:05 am | #


Hope Lester and the Leak will both go away soon. Hang in there! *hugz*
Mimi | 09.23.05 - 5:22 pm | #

I have a leak in my shower over my tub. It wreaks of mildew and I keep thinking the upstaris neighbor tub is going to come crashing down at any moment.
I hope you feel beter!
Gabriel | 09.24.05 - 5:26 pm | #

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